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Optimiste Philosophy

In the beginning we had some well intentioned but vague notions about improving the environment on our little patch of earth - mostly native tree planting which was heart and back-breaking work through the last decade of virtually continuous drought.

Over time and careful observation of the land, we've begun to better understand the way things work and lately we've begun to embrace some of the basic priciple of natural sequence farming - particularly simple things like mulching rather than spraying weeds, minimal tillage and paying particular attention to sensitive creek lines and water recharge zones. We've taken to looking after the precious remnants of pre-colonial vegetation including some 3-400 year old Yellow Box trees. We've continued to plant trees - of appropriate species and in the right locations and we have done lots of fencing to divide land classes, fence off all the creek line from stock and open up dedicated wildlife corridors between remnant bush areas.

The payback on all this is heartbreakingly slow - hopefully the kids will get a better sense of it all - but even after just a few years, a blink of the eye in environmental terms, we are starting to see some amazing signs of regeneration. The erosion in the creeks has stabilized, trees are growing naturally in some of the areas we've fenced off and we are starting to see birds and animals return - like the huge goanna scaring the tripe out of some nesting Eastern Rosellas.

We have lots more to learn and frustratingly little time - but we'll keep at it.
 We all need to do our bit.



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